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23rd Day of Christmas

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Here’s your checklist….have you got?

  • batteries (useful for gizmos & gadget you might get-especially torch & watch ones!)
  • vegetarian ready-meal (just in case someone turns up & all you have to offer is turkey for the next few days!)
  • extra washing up liquid/dishwasher tablets
  • extra seats
  • extra wiping up cloths/tea-towels
  • tonic water (someone always wants a g&t)
  • spare present (generic-for that unexpected guest!)
  • extra pet food/poo bags/wind-up torch for walks
  • Christmas crackers (always forgotten!)
  • board-games (in case of extra guests/power-cut. Nothing like Cluedo by candle-light!)
  • napkins
  • alcohol-free drinks
  • spare clock for guests sleeping over (so they’re not up TOO early!)
  • pens & pencils for board games
  • string for the turkey
  • spare warm socks (for guests-some get cold feet no matter what the thermostat says)
  • gravy granules/stuffing
  • extra cereal
  • custard powder (for xmas pudding)
  • extra milk for cereal/tea/custard
  • extra cutlery/crockery
  • towels for guests
  • washing machine powder
  • battery charger
  • phone charger (for guests too!)
  • spare gloves (for guests)
  • cocktail sticks

Remember to charge phones & cameras the day before! You don’t want to take a pic & your battery be low!

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