My Story

My name is Pip and I started my own online business in April 2018.

This is my story.

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Several years ago, in the Winter of 2015, I gave up my job as a call-centre operator, and moved from my parents house , to live with my older brother in a cold, damp, and relatively empty top-floor flat, one hundred miles away.

My brother and his girlfriend had just had their first baby. They’d met during University, and were saving up for a house. Due to unfortunate circumstances, and the damp flat, my brother’s partner moved back to her parents,  again over one hundred miles away, taking their daughter with them.

Baby girl

It was a devastating blow.

Paying all the rent on your own, supporting a  partner and daughter,  with no family nearby, and not a great environment, is tough. I looked at the situation, and realised I could make a difference.

I gave up my stability, got in my car, and drove further than I’d even driven before, to a brand new area, where I knew no-one and nothing.

For a while things were bleak. My brother was quiet, and I could only bring with me as much as I could fit in my little KA. I slept in a sleeping bag on the floor of the only bedroom, and lived out of a suitcase, a box, and a set of plastic draws.

At night, when my brother came in from work at 2am, the wind whistled round the house, and we’d lie there in the dark.

Some time afterwards, the mould got worse, and paint started coming off the wall. We had no TV, no pictures, and no sofa. In the bedroom stood my brother’s bed, and a wardrobe. That was all we had.

closed door

Thankfully, something came through, and in February 2016, after many applications, and failed interviews, I got a job as a cleaner.

To help my income, (I only worked four days, and cleaning isn’t well paid), I also spent a quick spell with Kleeneze (they work like the Avon catalogues), delivering magazines, selling and delivering products.

Delivering a parcel

With no real development,  let down by the courier and one of their products, (delivered incomplete), and finding that there was alot more ‘back-office’ work and investment than initially suggested,

I found the extra work exhausting.

There wasn’t even a good return, just a promise it would get better in the future.

Several months later, and in a better flat, my Father suddenly died.

Helping to clear his things, I felt confused with the character I was now discovering-and thought I knew. My Father was now a stranger. We weren’t as close as a family as I thought.

A grave in autumn

Struggling to find any kind of linear process (or any process at all) which would enable me to progress at work and develop myself, I was back at square one. There was nothing. My Manager, (and Manager above her), tried for me, but with little help from the top, could assist me no more than I could help myself.

Come January 2018, I placed myself on a counselling course at the local college. My Manager got me RTV (Rough Terrain Vehicle) training, which would be useful for my current line of work, but it wasn’t enough for me.

I wanted a clear-cut set of options.

Woman looking confused at work

I applied to re-do my A-levels at the same college come September 2018, hoping this would allow me to get back to a point where I could regain the knowledge I’d lost over the years, and have more options.

One day, listening to Earl Nightingale’s ‘The Strangest Secret’ on Youtube, I came across a video by a doctor, who recommended SFM.

Usually, I skip such videos, but I was curious and let it run. Thank goodness I did.

I needed help. I signed up for the videos (I love education for free), then the subsequent series, knowing I could get my money back at any point.

That doctor is now my mentor, and gives great support each week. I’ve also been given a consultant, and financial advice, as well as a 24/7 supportive community.

talking it over

I’m so grateful for the knowledge given to me so far. I didn’t know I was trading time for money, and that, if I didn’t make a change, I’d be doing this for the next 40 years. I didn’t think there could be another way.

I have many concerns and fears, and working when I want means I can keep my current job for as long as I want, but my aim is to improve myself and learn whilst earning,  and, of course, find, then do something I love, where I can choose my own hours and write my own pay-cheque.

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Also, as my one core value, with more spare time and ability to work from anywhere, I believe I will be in a position not only to become completely financially independent, but also to help my family and friends when tough times roll back around.

If you want to do the same, or even just want some basic info, check out the cool free videos that started me off, meet co-founder and TOP industry expert & mentor, Stuart, and get all that here. 

I wish you the best of luck in creating a the life you truly deserve.

Pip x

Success-go get it!