How To Start A Business AROUND Your Job



How do you have a job AND run a business?

Great question!

It’s hard to fit extra. Do you ever feel you’re going faster than ever before, but aren’t getting anywhere further?

My problem was, when I joined, that my current job took most of my energy and brain-power. When I got home, after I’d eaten, all I really wanted to do was sit down (and with SFM, you can!)

So I want to share with you this video I found from Ingrid Nilsen, who has a few tips if you want to join but have no idea how you’re going to actually motivate yourself to do the work that is required now, in order for you to secure the dream life you aspire to.

I’m not gonna lie; it is a mindset shift. As an employee, I was paid per hour & in my own time, to compensate, I didn’t do much. No-one was going to make me do anything!

That’s all I knew, and for me, switching from an employee to an I-depend-on-myself entrepreneur mindset was one of the hardest things to master. But it is possible.

Because I wasn’t inspired in my present situation, I didn’t feel motivated to do anything. Once I had something I believed was new & unknown, but could, maybe make the difference & get me the help I needed (otherwise, I’d definitely be getting my money back!), I slowly got better.

Life is hectic anyway; so here are some tips:

I had to fit SFM around my day job; in the evening & weekends. But I persevered and now I’m here today making a good start on something I thought was never possible; an investment for my future.

Remember…if you haven’t already…


If you’re still not sure about anything, please reply to this email with any questions or doubts you have, and I will be very happy to answer them. Or if you like, we can arrange a call. I really don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity, as it could completely change your life forever.

Work Smart. Live More.

Pip x

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