What’s ‘The Lifestyle Team’?



I know I said in my first email that an obvious place to start would be to introduce you to the same community and education that got me started online.


So, I’d like to introduce the ‘Lifestyle Team’….brothers Chris & Gerard, and their partners, Sandrine & Merilee…all from ‘Down-Under’!


They all started SFM because although they enjoyed their jobs, and it paid them well, they KNEW there was more.


But anyway, I’ll let them tell you in their own words…just click the image!


Like me, Chris, Gerard, Sandrine & Merilee all wanted to give driven people the same opportunity they’d been given. We all work to offer training we know will deliver the insights to move people move forward to create a life and business they love, with the right company culture, and help of uniquely supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs.


If you want to have another look at anything, you can access Workshop #1 here.

Don’t forget, I am a genuine real person, so if you just want to talk, please don’t hesitate to hit reply. Remember, when I started I didn’t even have a phone that could film things, and business was never something I’d ever considered before. I didn’t have the faintest clue to begin, so don’t feel you need to be shy..


Anyway, I’d love to hear from you, even just to hear your thoughts on the workshops!


To your success,
Pip x


Digital Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Pioneer

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