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I was heartbroken in Manchester today. I went to visit a friend, who lives there, and was horrified by the homelessness that pervades the city centre.

How, in one of the most prosperous eras on the face of the Earth, in one of the wealthiest countries & centuries of all time, when we can have whatever we desire at the touch of a button, can we allow people’s children to sit & suffer?

Today, the thing that I was most disgusted at was my own lack of self integrity. I wanted to reach out, but like my friend says, there are so many. Where do we start?

236, 000. That’s how many homeless people are on our streets, desperate and vulnerable, tonight. As we sleep in our beds, they face the elements, ignorance, hatred, hunger, dehydration, and lack of basic necessities, such as a toilet. It’s disgusting.

Tonight, I donated to Crisis, on their webpage, They are, of course, one of many organisations & charities campaigning to end homelessness, to fight for the basic human rights that so many of us take for granted. But they need us too.

Today was eye-opening. They say that most people-including you, by the way- are three pay packets or less away from being homeless. If you were not paid for three months-if something went wrong, or your family split up, or even if your company ‘downsized’, it could be you on the streets. It’s that easy.

Don’t let it be someone you know. If you wouldn’t let your child, or your best friend, or even your dog sleep alone, hungry and abandoned by hope and the blindness of the human race, don’t let someone else’s child, or best friend, or dog, do the same. There’s no difference. These people feel, see, dream, believe, despair, cry and yearn like we do. They have as much potential as we do to change the world for better-but right now, they just need our help.

Sure, alot of people are on drugs. To be frank, God knows, I pretty sure I would be too.

“Oh, but if you stop, we’ll get you a house.” Fat chance of that happening-it’s like asking someone to jump from a plane without a parachute. These people NEED our support.

We cannot continue to be blinded by our own fearful drive for selfishness and self preservation. Homelessness needs to end. NOW.  It is, after all, the 21st Century. How much longer are we prepared to wait, pretending that it’s okay?

The video above comes directly from the Crisis Facebook page. It’s eye-opening. I suggest you watch it, and learn.

Today, we must be the difference. For all of tomorrow rests on today. We must be the change we now wish to see in the World. 

God Bless The Homeless.  x

Pip x

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