Online First Jobs For Young Adults

Online jobs for young people…

Online Jobs For Young People
Online Jobs For Young People

Are there any online jobs for young people?

When you leave school, college, or uni, is it possible for you to grab an online job for young people? Is there anyone hiring out there? (PS….for the BEST THING EVER, scroll to the bottom to meet Stuart & Jay).

Maybe you’re looking for an alternative graduate scheme, or even just to work online & still pay the bills.

If you type in online  job for young people-especially if you do it in “speech marks” to get an exact match, there are a few things that come up. Today, one of the first websites was one by Blackfox, all about poll sites online, and there are plenty of those about. But what about well paid jobs for young people? 

First of all, there are a few things to consider:

  • Can you be self-motivated to get out of bed in the morning?
  • Can you motivate yourself & change your attitude when things aren’t going your way?
  • Are you going to be too tempted to give yourself a day off if it’s nice outside or you just don’t feel like working?
  • Can you still to your own man-made schedule?
  • Can you cope with (most likely) working from home? can you separate your home life from your work life? and vice-versa?
  • Are you okay working with no-one else around for long periods of time?

If you answered YES, even to a couple, searching for an online job for young people on google or Bing might be right up your street!

Online Jobs For Young People
Online Jobs For Young People

So here’s some options…

  1. Ebay…

I’ve got plenty more fab  vids on Youtube about Ebay!


2. Work for someone else online…

I’ve just read about a site called U-haul which is provides online jobs for young people as young as 16!

U-haul offers a traditional job in an online setting. The well-known moving company regularly hires customer service representatives. The reps help clients who call their customer service center. For example, they might want to schedule a moving truck or ask about fees.

You can be a customer service rep for U-Haul right from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer, Internet service and a headset.

U-Haul isn’t different from other companies that use online customer service representatives. However, they do recognize that there are many responsible high-school-age teens out there.

Guess that answers one part of the well-known question “What should I do if I can’t find a job after graduation?

What if I can't find a job after graduation
What if I can’t find a job after graduation?


3. Get creative…

Of course, if you’re looking for online jobs for young people, and you’d like to be a little more creative, there’s always sites like

It’s a unique site that allows you to sell your designs for t-shirts and the such-like. Pricing can change so make sure you know what you’re signing up for, first!

You can also sell your art online on pages like Shopify, Etsy & Ebay. make sure you do your research and know what’s selling (on Ebay it’s easy-just enter the search, then head to ‘advanced’ or ‘filter’ on the right. it allows you to check for ‘sold’ items if you scroll down that lets you know who’s selling, what’s selling, when and for how much.) See ‘Ebay’ above too!

Online Jobs for Young People
Online Jobs for Young People

4. Proofread…

If you love reading anyway, try a site like peopleperhour, workfromhomehappiness (which also offers a free training course) or

If you’re searching through online jobs for young people and nothing really takes your fancy, being a  freelancer can easily be the way forward, especially if you are reading something that moves you.

If you have more than one language, this will also help, as I have seen manuscripts on peopleperhour, ask for proofreaders in Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish!

Online Jobs For Young People
Online Jobs For Young People

4. Be an affiliate…

Ah, now…this is what I’m doing!

First of all-what’s an affiliate? 

With 2.5 trillion dollars a year being spent on retail purchases online, there’s never been such a  huge chance to make a commission (slice of the sale money) by putting a potential customer in contact with someone else’s product or brand.

See, shopping online isn’t like walking into Tesco. You can still ‘browse’ but offline, it’s much easier to see that say, crisps are on aisle two. Then, when you get there, you realise Monster Munch actually look pretty cool, and they’re offering two packs for £3. Offline, you can’t necessarily see that with a product unless you go ‘fishing’.

Simply put, you are the’ middle man’, putting people in touch with things they might actually like to buy!

The great thing about being an affiliate is you can choose products or services that you, yourself have tried. Amazon FBA is a great place to get started-it’s easy enough to sign up to & there’s hundreds of products-but not a great commission. You could earn 10% or less of the sale.

So What Do YOU Do?


Well, personally I’ve gone for option five.

It was a bit of a surprise really. It’s not exactly like I knew anything about online marketing.

Basically my job is to offer online jobs for young people (and others-of course!). I teach people how to use the internet properly-such as how to actually make money on Facebook-not just post your latest meal-as well as platforms like Youtube and blogging-places where you can stick your content on & be asleep whilst someone else, anywhere in the world, can hop online & receive the value. People literally make sales in their sleep!

Personally, I really enjoy it.

I started at 25 after my Dad died because I discovered that, like  him, unless I made a change, I was going to be in a job that I wasn’t really passionate about, wasn’t paying me enough and wasn’t helping me create a real career until I too kicked the bucket.

Not a nice thing to think.

I was sick & tired of trading my time for money. I no longer wanted to be part of the rat race, where you have to be the best at EVERYTHING you do.

I missed my family, and honestly, I don’t want to wait to retire (if I reach it-the state pension age keeps going up) to retire on miserly funds, or to have cash but not the physical ability to enjoy it.

Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek
Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek-providing online jobs for young people!

Now, who are these two?

Well, this is a photo of Stuart & Jay, the two founders who created this opportunity for millions of people across the globe (and people are taking advantage). Some (like me) offer others the same modules we’ve been through to teach us to find our passion then turn it into an income properly. Some already have a product or service to sell. Some have no idea….and this is where they get going.

It’s been an awesome chance that’s open to all ages (as long as you’re over 18!)

And the thing that really makes it different to all the other options above?

The support.

If you’d like to get some info on what  this journey could mean for you,  you can always get access to the same videos I saw by Stu & Jay that just explain what this opportunity could mean for someone very young like myself. What you do from there is up to you!

No more searching!

I wish you the best of luck in creating a the life you truly deserve.

Pip x

Success-go get it!

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