1. Common Symptoms & Practical Solutions To Job Boredom & Dissatisfaction

I share with you some common symptoms & offer a practical solution to overcome work-place stagnation…or you can’t find a job at all…

Bored or needing a new job?

1. The First Signs

Have you ever come home, reflecting on the day, or somebody asks you how it’s going and you just say “Fine” ?!

“Fine”, you say, “It’s fine”, without paying attention to what that day really had in store for you. After all, it was a day like any other, so why would you need to think about it?

It’s fine. You’ve been where you are for a while now, and by all accounts, it’s okay. If you’ve got a job it’s probably a good thing-least it helps pay the bills at your parent’s, or your partner’s, or your mate’s.  Education that you’re doing is getting to you to where you think you should be, or at least where you wanted to be when you started off.

Now, there’s nothing really wrong with this, because it seems to be what everyone else is doing, but I just want to stop you for a minute, and ask…have you noticed that you’re living your life like everyone else is, yet?

You know, you get up in the morning, five days a week, or maybe you have shift work, so some days you can lie-in. You go to work, do your thing, finish and go home to relax?

 Is that you?

Unsure woman

2. How Else Will I Know?

The problem, which may now be dawning on you, is that the thing you used to love doing no longer seems to be going anywhere. It doesn’t seem to be moving in any particular direction, helping you to go up the career ladder or expand your skills or knowledge of who you are. You just do same thing every day.

Have you noticed that yet? I was like that too…

Now, I work in a great place. It’s outdoors; I get to walk around 80 acres, which is beautiful, but my job, let’s just say, is a little bit less salubrious. I clean bathrooms-yep, that’s my job, and I do the same thing every day.

Now, like I said, there’s nothing wrong with that…but I have noticed, having been there for two and a half years now, that I’m getting to the point where I feel I could do more. That niggling point of stagnation. Suddenly, I want to do something more than just being comfortable, to pay the bills, so I can eat & sleep, to go to work again the next day.

I’m happy, but somehow, there’s something just not right. It’s like I’m cutting myself off from things I have the potential to be, like there’s a ceiling I just can’t push through. Of course, it’s possible I could do the same thing until I retire; I really do believe my job is safe in that regard.  But is that what I want to do forever?

Fed up with books!


3. Questions To Ask Yourself

I noticed I began to ask myself questions-some answers of which I wasn’t very comfortable with. However, I knew I needed to ask them if things were ever going to change.

They were….

1.Do I want to stay still and just grow older? 

2.Is that all that it is possible for me to do?  Is that my life?

3.When I take my last breath, am I going to look back, and wish that I’d pushed myself further? That I’d taken the time to really push myself, and just see if there was anything else out there for me?

You might be experiencing this. Some of you might be in that halfway house, between comfort and conformity. You’re happy, but you want more, and at the same time, feel guilty for wanting extra, when you have it better than some of those around you.

A Family Cycling On Bikes

4. The Solution

I want to offer you a solution.

Now, to do that, I want to share with you something that happened to me. In October 2016, my Father passed away.  He was 60 years old, and he never made retirement.

Alot of people think when a parent dies, it’s got to be one of the worst things that you could ever go through. But it’s not.

My Dad taught me so many things, in death, that he could have not taught me in life. Ironically, one of those things was how not to live.

My Father was a gentle man; very unassuming, very laid back. But, looking back on his life, I wonder now if he was a bit too over-relaxed.

Les Brown, the great Motivational Speaker said: “If you are casual about life, you will end up a casualty!” Looking back on my Father’s life, I wonder if this was the case.

One thing I took time to reflect on, was whether my Father was happy. Now, he was content-that I’m fairly sure of, but was he really happy?

Sadly, I think the answer is ‘no’.  Like you, like me, my Father took some knocks in life, and like most of us, learnt to be content with the level he was at. It’s funny, because looking deeper into his personality, I realise I’m alot like him-laid back, took some hits, and decided to stay away from the challenges that would bring me pain, but also potentially make me grow.

I found that life, and its troubles, teach us to remain where we are, so that we avoid experiencing the difficulties, challenges and frustrations that come our way. If we don’t fight, we don’t stand the chance of losing, in whatever way that loss may come- a relationship, our integrity, a sense of belonging, our identity, money, time, peace of mind, or even something more drastic like losing the roof over our head.

So, we are caught in this cycle of not losing, but also not gaining, by staying where we are.

The truth is, that as time passes, we will all- you, I, and everyone else out there-naturally crave that internal drive to grow, just as we crave food and water.

A woman thinking


5. The Reasons Your Brain Tells You Not To Change

When we are stagnant, life loses vitality.

Funnily enough, though, we often can’t see this ourselves. It’s sometimes apparent in others- a family member, or a friend who has been stuck too long in a situation they’ve now outgrown.

It’s difficult to come to terms with. Perhaps, like me, you’re not ready to move on from your job. For me, having moved around in life, and being now in a secure job, I’m not ready to lose those around me once again, and the familiarity I fought so hard to gain. I like the people I work with. I like the place, and my job is something I find I can do, without too much responsibility or stress. I wouldn’t want to go into management, because of the difficulties I think it would bring, and I certainly don’t believe in sacrificing my mental health for a job.

Bizarrely, though, in this day and age, that’s exactly what we are taught. To sacrifice most things in order to get ahead at some distant point in the future.

We sacrifice close family relationships, by moving away, and long-distance goals and dreams fade and are replaced by any job available, just so we can pay the rent. Getting a job is a job in itself, these days.

There’s nothing wrong with having a temporary situation. The problem is, that so many people settle where they are. When you are comfortable the fight is no longer seems worthwhile. And that’s easy to do. We are safe, so long as variables around us do not change. So long as we continue to do the same things, and our companies don’t change their expectations of us, our livelihood, and quality of life it brings, is secure.

Question mark on blackboard

6. The Change In Thinking We All Need

In the 21st century, where things move faster than ever before, I’d like to put across an alternative. In the ever-changing world around us, imagine a life where you could afford not only to pay the rent, and the bills, but also indulge in your hobbies and pastimes and have both more time & money to do so. Would you like that?

Imagine not having to rely on a company or a boss to passively allow you to maintain our livelihood, or move up the ranks, but could still be self-sufficient.

Sounds like gobbledegook. BUT, if you know how to be valuable in the online world, then it’s possible.

It’s because of leverage. You’ve heard the saying that “time is money” right?

That’s old-school. It’s the thinking our parents knew. This is the 21st century, and the rules have changed. With the invention of the internet, spreading more and more extensively across the world, connecting people and removing previous limitations, there is a new rule.

The thinking nowadays is that TIME IS TIME, & LEVERAGE IS MONEY.

When you download music, clearly you are listening to a recording. When you listen to your favourite band, it is no shock to learn they are not playing directly for you in that moment, and that they are probably sat at home, with their feet up, or with their family, or indulging in hobbies or pastimes. Yet they still get paid for their work, even though they are not actually doing any at the time.

Relaxed or exhausted?
Are you relaxed or exhausted?

7. The Change In Thinking-Another Example

Here’s another example. With the days of media, a football game can be watched by more people than could ever fit in the stands. The players never see these people, yet still profit from the broadcasting, and are paid accordingly, too.


Do you think that’s possible?


Let me tell you, it is. Especially for those of us willing to learn how. I used to think that I could never in a million years become a Digital Entrepreneur. I’m not tech-savvy, nor the best learner.  I didn’t  know what affiliate marketing or SEO was, and I’d never have gone into business anyway. Now, I used to be academic – got good grades at school, but having not discovered or been guided in the best practice to employ these skills, I ended up in jobs I never trained to do, and which didn’t match my true capabilities.

So, even in the 21st century, where you can send a text to the other side of the world in nano-seconds, we remain reliant on someone else to give us a chance to prove our worthiness, often at the expense of time, quality of life, relationships, toil, early mornings and even our happiness.

Now think of the opposite. You could go out when you wanted, work around yourself and your energy levels, hobbies, family, and past-times, yet still pay the rent, doing something you love.

Not to shock you, but that’s what I found. What’s more, with the guys I’m with, they never judge. Not from your age, circumstances, looks, ability or previous experience. At first, it sounded like total B.S. But I tried it, & it’s true.

Success-go get it!

8. How Do I Get There?

If you’re serious about wanting something more, or different, even if you don’t know what that is, and are willing to put in the committed effort, then there’s a way for you.

After all, how much longer can you seriously stay in the job you are doing, before you will need more, whether in terms of personal growth, time or finance? What do you really want out of life? Now stop believing you can’t get it.

Change is scary for all of us, but so far in my personal experience, I have seen myself grow. Already, my skills and opinion of myself have improved, because people are telling me and, more importantly, showing me, step by step, how to get what is possible.

They are giving me the linear education that I need, to create life I desire, whatever that may be.

Although it takes personal responsibility (something I’m still learning) I hope you find yourself open-minded enough to take a leap of faith, click on the link below, and at least get yourself some free education on what could be possible for you. Where you go from there, where the rest of your life takes you, is entirely your choice, but I’d love to at least offer you a new perspective, if you are feeling stuck, like I was. Jay & Stuart-the founders and creators  will explain it all-they’re great guys-and if it’s not for you, well, you know how to unsubscribe. Plus, if you have questions later on,don’t forget to reach out. I’m always here on the contact page above, or find me, Pip Wheatley, on Youtube .

Best of luck,

Pip x

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