12. Are You Living A Life Worth Living?

Are you living a life worth living?  What to do when you know you need change.

A life worth living

Today I decided enough was enough.

Do you know that most people are only three pay cheques away from homelessness?

And at the same time, do you know how many people are doing something they hate, or which isn’t in line with who they truly are, just so they can receive that pay cheque?

It’s crazy, don’t you think, to be doing something that doesn’t allow you to show your full capability, when there are people out there who are doing what they love and are still keeping the wolf from the door?

Keeping the wolf from the door

Are you trading sanity for money this year?

“But you don’t understand. I need money to live. I have bills to pay, rent that’s due, and a car and things to spend money on. I can’t do without it!”

Damn right. And I don’t discredit that. Like you, I got bills to pay, and guess what? The tax man visits me too.

Woman looking confused at work

What I’m saying is, shouldn’t we at least be bothering, even if we’re not in our ‘ideal’ job, or know what we were sent to planet Earth to do, to take SOME time out of our precious lives to make sure the next forty, or twenty, or ten years, or however long we have left of our working lives, is good, or at least working towards something that matters to us?

Imagine, right, you could see how long of your life you actually had left. Imagine you could see all the years that lay before you.


Now let me ask you a question. If you realised that for whatever reason, you weren’t going to make it to retirement, and you were going to spend your whole life at work, would you still do the same job you’re in now?

If your answer is ‘no’, what would you do?

If, like my Dad, you died at 60, do you think there’s still enough time for you to find out what you love doing, and do it?

If the answer is yes, then, brother, you need to try.

Looking back on my Dad’s life, I asking ‘Did he do what he came to do for this planet? Did he try to discover his stuff? Did he conform too much? Did he live a life worth living?’

It’s probably better to ask yourself these questions while you’re still alive. I mean, it’s difficult to make changes once your dead.

Little girl at grave

We’ve all got to be more self aware, and more selfish. The reason is that no-one can discover your stuff but you. No-one can live your dreams but you. No-one else can do what you came to do on planet Earth, because it’s only you that’s been given that.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth the fight. Yes, people will think you’re crazy, and you’ll lose a few friends who just don’t get it. But a life worth living has got to be worth it, don’t you think?

Pip x

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