What do YOU have in YOUR favour to start your own business?

What do YOU have in YOUR favour to start your own business?

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  • Too young? How about buying a first home, moving to a better area, flat or house, better furniture, a new car, more or better holidays… even buying a pet? You’re already in the learning mindset. I was 25 when I started, I’ve seen people as young as 20, and we’re open to anyone over 18!

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  • Too old? Unless you’re dead you still have time. If my great grand-mother had said she was too old at 80, she’d have wasted her next 20 good years. Les Brown said “You’re never too old to learn, and you’re never too young to teach.” So long as you’re alive, it’s possible you can do this. We even have grannies in our community!

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  • Got Debt or a Student Loan? You may have student loan but only pay off around 5% each month in the UK, if over threshold of 25k per year ( or if your first year of university was before 2012, £18,300). If you’re not earning this you’re repaying little or none of your student loan now, giving you more free cash. This could go into your business, and then in future, when you really will need more cash, you have a system set up to get some!

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  • Got other expenses? We all do. If you can cover them now, even if you have other loans, why not invest in yourself for when you need more dollar in future?

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  • My family or partner doesn’t want  me spending more. They might not like you putting money out, but do they want you to earn more and spend more time together in the future? We’re willing to provide the training (and support), and past 18, not much is free. If you’re going to spend money, you might as well spend it investing in the one greatest commodity you have-yourself.

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  • My family won’t understand. You can get family or your partner involved if you like, so they also have the potential to earn greater income. If they want to join, let them. It’s not like going for an interview where we could turn them down. My Mum doesn’t understand it, so I’ve invited her to a weekly live web-chat with other business buddies. No exclusions here!

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  • Nothing to sell? You don’t need to have! Nor did I when I started-SFM can give you their education product to sell, that you will become naturally familiar with as you progress, so don’t panic about ideas & research for that.

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  • No life experience? I’m not gonna lie, I used to think that too. Truth is, if you’re over the age of ten, you’ve naturally gained life experience that you could easily use as a base for your business. Most people (including me) just start off talking about their life story so far, and believe me, mine is less than exotic.

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  • No skills?  You are likely to be the most tech-savvy out of all the age categories, because you’ve grown up with it in the past ten years and probably use it everyday (on Facebook, can take a picture, are computer literate). PS. I didn’t even use Facebook when I started.  I never studied business, and have no degree at all.

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  • Not long out of education? Then you’ve proved you can adapt and learn.  You  likely to have most, if not all, the tech required already, and be the most up-to-date with it. If you do have a degree, or even just one GCSE, it proves you can learn!

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  • Did badly/hate learning? This is not school. There is no grades, and no exams. You go at your own pace, in your own time. And you choose what you sell, and how you do it.  Also, due to changes throughout & after leaving school, you have a great story that could really help & inspire others who feel the same.

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  • Not responsible enough? Nor am I, but it’s a skill I’m gaining as I go. Also, if you have fewer responsibilities you probably have more disposable income to spare than older adults with families. You might even have more opportunities to do the work required, because you’re not running after other things all the time.


  • No time? It’s not a 9 to 5 job-do as much as you like when it suits you. You do have to put in the work to make it a success (like everything in life), but we will help you develop personally-not just professionally-and teach you how to think with a business mindset.

  • No support? You will have access to people on exactly the same journey as you,  in a similar position to you, and are having, or have had, the same issues you experience along your journey. We will not withdraw our support unless you want us to, or you seriously violate our values, or conduct your business in a harmful or illegal way.

  • No guidance? We will mentor you, and will give you direction & access to training. It’s not just a yearly PDR! There’s community and technical support 24/7. We’ll help you go as far as you want to, as long as you put the work in, and are willing to follow advice.

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  • Can’t afford it yet? Earn WHILST you learn, not AFTER. There’s no loan-you enter at the level you feel comfortable with, and are happy to afford, at the right time for you. If you want to go up a level later, or need our help with financing that, that’s fine. But there’s unlimited potential income, which will grow as you do.

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