18. Saying “NO” To Extras

Why saying ‘No!‘ to more could improve your whole life.

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I got so stressed with somebody recently that I burst into tears.

It was one of those days where I couldn’t find my way, and was feeling particularly low and stressed.

Oddly, I’d been ill days previous. Recovering meant I had some time to come back to myself and try to find my way.


Strangely, I do now I understand that you really can make anything of your life. There’s  no crystal ball, and you can create your own path.

With this in mind really, I would really like to make the right choices for me.

I’ve always made choices based on my family, and to be honest, I still do.

Because I was so angry and stressed, I decided that things had to change and I needed to start leaving certain extra people behind.

You see the truth is, much though I love them, they are in fact a drain on my resources. I give out, but it doesn’t come back.

A life worth living

I’m no longer prepared sacrifice my energy to people who are going to hold me back. Brendon Burchard (the speaker) says “many allow the wrong people into the wrong scenes of their life.” Frankly I’m not prepared to put up with it any longer.

” To one and all, they must go.” Brendon Burchard.

Tomorrow, or even better, tonight, I’m going to sit down, take a good look at the people in my life, and seriously decide which ones have got to stay and got to go.

No good at writing

I’m going to start taking more personal responsibility for my emotions and my progress, starting by making myself a new schedule and sticking to it.

My progress is up to me. My life is up to me. I’m going to be selfish now.

No more extras.

Pip x

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