4. How To Be Young & Successful In Today’s Digital Age.

I share with you why we need to act now to create the best life possible, using the story of the Grasshopper & The Ant. I also share why it really is possible & why you deserve that.


Do you recall that feeling when Summer is about to end? The days get shorter.. Grey clouds drift overhead, the wind picks up, and the leaves start to fall.

And are you familiar with the story of ‘The Grasshopper and the Ant?’

If you are you, will know how it goes, but if this should bring no memories for you, let me give a brief overview now, and you’ll see where I’m going.

In the story, there are two sets of insects; the Ant, & the Grasshopper.

It’s Summer. In the hot, midday sun, an ant toils and sweats. It is working hard, digging & burrowing, searching, harvesting, saving carefully to eat for when Winter comes.

Suddenly, there is music. The Grasshopper is out, playing his fiddle and enjoying the good life.  “What are you doing?” the Grasshopper sings merrily. “Why toil and sweat? Enjoy the good times whilst they are here!”

The Ant explains that he is working hard, for when the lean times come. The Grasshopper does not see any lean time about him. The sun is shining and all seems well…

But the summer cannot go on forever.

In the story-just as in real life-the Summer ends and Autumn begins.

Soon it is Winter. The once sunny meadow is now empty, and cold.

Be prepared for hard times

The Grasshopper, now hungry and forlorn, walks past the anthill. Inside, the Ants are having a feast. They have saved when times were good, to provide when times are hard.

The hungry Grasshopper begs the Ant for food. But the other Ants look at the Grasshopper and say:

“Why should we give you our food?  We laboured in the hot sum


mer sun, but you did not do one ounce of work to help us. When times were good, you did not save, though you knew hard times would come.”

A clever ant!


Now I want to ask you-are you a grasshopper? Or an ant?


Do you have a Plan B? Or even a Plan A?

Have you protected yourself for when hard times come?


Now, I did say I’d show you where all this is going, so here’s my point: we cannot rely on others (like the Grasshopper) for when times get hard, so I’d like to share with you how I’m becoming less like a grasshopper, and more like an ant, and how you can too.

It is slowly dawning on me, that Human Nature moves us to fend for ourselves and those closest around us, and we may find the Ants are no longer in residence, nor willing to offer us their share.

As young people, you and I are living in probably the most prosperous era that has ever existed on the face of this planet. Yet so many of us have not created a Plan B, or even sometimes Plan A, to help us keep our independence.

Right now, Brexit is happening. Investment is slow, and the job market is tough. That’s not news, and it’s something I’m pretty sure you’re aware of already. I’m not saying there are not jobs out there, nor that it is impossible to get a job and do very well in any particular niche. However, if you do not fall into that lucky category, for whom life is a ball and you would never, ever want more, I suggest you read on.

For the vast majority of people, getting a job is not a simple as many people would have us believe. Gone are the days when you could just “walk into a job.” I truly feel in this ever-changing society, where every generation has its issues with unemployment, social security and preserving the way of life it’s used to from its childhood, it’s very difficult to think we have not learnt from that and considered creating a safety net.

A woman thinking

Despite the advancements towards educational quality, I’m going to rock the boat and suggest that, even in this day & age, education differs MASSIVELY.

In my opinion, no young person should suffer after school, because of the education they did, or didn’t receive in class. Nor, in fact, do most of the pop-stars and sporting heroes out there, otherwise half of them wouldn’t be who the are today. It is also my opinion that everybody has something to give, because everybody has different and unique perception of life. Because nobody on this planet has experienced life through your eyes, your gift (whatever you discover that to be) is also different and unique.

Now, I guess you’re feeling that you are really not that much different from the other 7 billion people who walk this planet, nor, like me, do you think yourself particularly special.

You see, what school didn’t teach us, is that everybody, even from the age of 4 or 5, is on a separate and unique path, and that experience will naturally give you something to give. Think about it- ever had something really horrible happen that others could learn from?  Ever had a friend you’re no longer in touch with, or a life experience you would or wouldn’t repeat? If you could go back to your younger self, and would have something more to say than ‘Hi!’ then you already have a message to give. Even if you think it’s not worth a dime.

Furthermore, it’s distressing, don’t you think, that despite everyone being given something, however small, we still risk failing to live to our true potential, and worse still, our full happiness, because we don’t know how to value, or use, what we’ve got?

Even in today’s ‘Golden Age’ of technology, through lack of true support and guidance many of us are still losing precious years, learning the hard way, not following any true goal or intent, or not knowing how, and not ending up where we later discover we really want to be. But I don’t want to be one of those people. Millions before me have already learnt the lessons, the hard way. Surely they have something to give, that I could learn from?

Being young, these days, I have found is not necessarily a blessing. There are so many different, unknown paths to take and somehow, we’re expected to know which one is right for us, before we have even taken our very first step out into the real world.  No wonder we struggle to find direction in accomplishing our dreams, when we haven’t been given the resources to discover what those dreams might be.

A woman considering her life's path against the autumn leaves

How ironic that we are giving the skills, but not the guidance to apply them, in an economic and progressive manner, that will move us to our highest potential and experience the absolute best quality that our lives could possibly be. I worry the education we have received was good, but incomplete.

If this resonates with you, or you’ve struggled, like me, then I want to truly offer a reaching hand of help, firstly by telling you that you are far from alone. I never want to see somebody in the most abundant era on this planet struggling, and suffering, due to sheer lack of guidance as I have.

That’s why I want to share my experience, and open your eyes to at least one alternate opportunity that lies right in front of you, if only someone would just point it out.

Most people will not click the link below. They feel their learning is done, and are fearful both of failure, & success. These people are not aware of the immense possibility they have in creating the rest of their lives-it does not cross their mind when they wake up in the morning, nor when their head touches the pillow at night. Instead they daydream, whilst stuck in a reality that is secure, but stifling.

If, however, you feel yourself worthy of at least considering an alternative, then all I can suggest is that you opt in for the free education provided below, and watch the videos I first saw, which are now helping me to create a life I want, instead of making someone else’s dream come true. Where you go from there is truly up to you. My story, of course is on the ‘About me’ page above.

Freedom feeling

I wish you the very best creating the life you feel you deserve. Go for it!

Take care,

Pip x

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Success-go get it!

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