6. What is the Gratitude (or Happiness) Challenge?

I talk about The Gratitude (or Happiness) Challenge-the simple, easy way to bring more happiness to your life!

We’ve been challenged by our business mentor to do a happiness challenge.

1) What’s a happiness challenge? 

Everyday we do several things.

First of all, we have to do a meditation in the morning.  Now, if you’re thinking “that just sound like airy fairy stuff, and I don’t even know where I’d start.” you’re not alone . It’s something I used to think too. Mentally, it’s a big change for me, but meditating is actually a lot easier than you think it is, mostly because you just sit there and listen.

In the morning, I get to my phone and earphones, load it up, and listen to Jonathan Lehmann’s 10 minute morning meditation.

Some days it’s harder than others. Meditation is all about becoming present; it’s a state of thoughtlessness-not in terms of ignoring people, but in terms of being at peace with every second, just as it is…not thinking about something that happened 5 minutes ago, not thinking about something that will happen in 5 minutes time. Just using all your energy to be in the present moment-to be fully alive and alert and experiencing life, rather than living in the wrong time zone.

Mediation is a positive thing, and I would say, if you haven’t done meditation, I would recommend it to you. I know that sometimes when I’m not performing at my best it’s like I can hear this voice in my head (from the recording) saying the affirmations  (‘I love myself unconditionally’ or ‘I give wherever I go, even if just a smile, a compliment or my full attention’) and it does draw me back to the present moment. 

Today, we are all guilty of living in the wrong time zone.  Of course, there are practical applications to that, but sometimes the brain just likes to think so much, that it can become an addiction.

For example, have you ever had that moment when you’re trying to sleep and your brain just won’t shut off? Meditation is a great alternative to medication in this instance. 

Can't sleep for thinking...

2) The other thing we do is a gratitude journal.

A gratitude journal is simply taking some time to list things you are grateful for. Whether it’s something you’ve learnt from (be it positive or negative), an interaction or something you’ve learnt about someone, something you are looking forward to in the future, or even, just day-to-day things we all take for granted.

A gratitude journal is a surprisingly good way to get into a positive mindset. It does take practice-the first time I tried it, it did take a while, and sometimes I write similar things on different days.

3) Mind Dump

The last thing that we do at the end of

the week, is a ‘mental trash out’ or ‘mind dump. ‘

A bedtime story

Basically, it’s a quick way of getting rid of all the junk cluttering up your head and subconsciously stopping you from making your next move. It takes less than 5 minutes, and many successful entrepreneurs use this method particularly before they consider an important decision.

How is it done? 

All you need is a piece of paper, and a pen.

Using bullet points, or in a stream of consciousness, write down  everything that is on your mind-things you should have done, things you wish hadn’t have happened, questions, tasks not yet completed, or things you wish you had done better.

When we write, things become a great deal clearer, and we can work on them logically. Just as doing a sum is easier to work out when written clearly in front of you, it is also easier to see where the things you are thinking about truly warrent your attention.

Thinking about adopting a meditation, gratitude journal, or mental trash out is certainly alot harder then just doing it.

Mental trash out!


The Challenge is 30 days long to make sure it becomes habit. Like the other 99% of the planet, everybody resists change.  Hopefully, though, by the end, it’ll be worth it, and we’ll all be a great deal happier.

4) Give it a go!

Let me know your results!

Pip x

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