7. A Moment Of Peace: What Past Generations Gave Us

I want to share with you a moment of peace that made me realise how much our ancestors REALLY gave us!

In my life...time gone by
Can YOUR Nan do the Cha-Cha-Slide?

1) A Revelation…

I was sat at the table with my brother. It was cool and calm evening, and everything was still.

It was like there were no worries in the world. All was peaceful, and everything was silent.

There was no rush, nothing needed to be done. The day was at a close.

As we sat there, we bathed in The Good Fortune of being in our home a year.  It’s funny -although new, our house already has a history to tell.

A lovely little street

You see, several years ago, our Dad passed away, releasing money that  filtered down from not only himself, but also our grandparents.

With that money, we bought our first home.

Basically, we have a roof over our heads  because of the hard work and sweat of generations before us.

Yet it is something they’ll never get to see.

We are reaping the fruits of their labour, because they bothered to invest in themselves and not throw money away. They were sensible & got what they needed, first

Put it in the piggy bank!

2) What Our Grandparents Went Through…

To give you an idea of what your own grandparents might have gone through, I’ll share with you a bit about my Dad’s dad.

Basically, he worked in Geneva.  He was President for the Society for Radiological Protection in the late 1970’s-no small feat-when they were still expanding the idea radio waves could be seriously harmful.

A bright chap, he studied at uni a few years after losing his house to the Blitz.

Now, when I say ‘lost his house’ I mean that he literally came home one day to find the  street in pieces.

abandoned building

Ironically, in a time of War, people did not give up on their dreams.

They did not decide that they could never follow their passions ever again. Instead they rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in.

Again, for example, my grandmother was a teacher, and made many good years of it, walking to school in all weathers every day.

Still walking!

Of course, I’m also proud of my maternal grandparents, who raised 6 kids on one man’s wage, as my Grandmother was hit badly by arthritis.

Before then, she was a secretary, cycling along what is now an extremely dangerous road, for an extremely long distance-on a bike without gears!

My brilliant Grandfather

(If you look on Wikipedia today, it won’t tell you much. Our Grandfather’s name is found only amongst the list of other presidents at the bottom of the page)

3) We all have something to be proud of.

Were your grandparents in the War? What did they hear, see & experience?

Maybe (like mine) on Home Guard? Maybe they were just good, if misunderstood, people at heart?

We should all feel extremely blessed for our families, and for the generations past who set us up so well (even, perhaps, using techniques we did not understand at the time) to have a wonderful future.

Live free!

4) Putting It Into Practice!

Today, my grandparents are long gone, and it’s now up to me me carry on the line. I know all my grandparents were generous people and would have wanted us all to live  healthy, happy lives.

Happy Emojis!

To me, though, living today in the 21st century, with all of its opportunities, and being able to have pretty much anything at the touch of a button, it can be difficult to know what to do for the best.

Somehow, we must have faith. We just need to commit.

For example, I will learn to look after my family, just as my grandparents did with their families.

In my life...time gone by

It is up to me, my cousins and siblings to use what we have sensibly, to guide and make way for our families (both present & future!) in a protective, loving environment.

So for me, starting this website, as part of my own business, is something I would NEVER have considered before.

I’m not a person of great insight or initiative. But I believe, that by learning, earning, teaching, and failing we can all find a way to become everything our grandparents (and those who’ve invested both financially and time-wise-the most precious gift of all) would be proud to see.

Pip x

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