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I wanted to share with you an amazing video that my own Mentor, Bela, (who you can catch up with on our weekly meet-ups) put on YouTube.

Bela is a medical doctor from Hungary who now has several companies. He said had a very powerful realisation while attending an obligatory conference as member of the BCAM (British College Of Aesthetic Medicine).

He told me he would rather NOT be there on such a beautiful sunny Saturday…

BUT, because he knew it would contribute to his long-term success, he forced himself to be there and it was amazing:

– He learnt a lot

– He improved his knowledge, technique and skills
– He met new people and old friends

– And overall improved as a professional and as a person,


It’s true….when you FORCE you to get out of your comfort zone, you get the chance do things that you wouldn’t do otherwise. 


As entrepreneurs both Bela & I belong to SFM (and you can too!) This is our community where I can learn and grow and eventually earn more money BECAUSE we can give more VALUE to our customers.

Here’s Bela’s video (please bear in mind he is Hungarian)!


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