Make Easy Money Online In Summer Holidays

Make a decent buck or two on Ebay this Summer…

So, you want to make money from home this Summer?

It’s not as difficult as you think.

1) Set it up…

2) Source items…

  • Charity shops
  • Car boot sales
  • ‘Yard’ sales
  • Loft! Garage! (check it’s yours/you have permission)
  • Ebay/Amazon itself (then resell!)

3) You will need to pay…

  • Ebay -automatic 10% fee of the price WHEN your item sells (eg: 10% of £15.99 = £1.59)
  • Paypal-automatic 5% fee of the price WHEN your item sells (eg: 5% of £15.99 = £0.80)
  • Packaging & Postage (Check Parcel2go for best deals-including Royal Mail, Hermes, etc)

4) Top Tips

  • You can have parcels collected from your house for about 50p each (Hermes)
  • Often free cover for items if lost (£20 Hermes, £50 Royal Mail Signed For)
  • It’s cheaper to take parcels to the shop!
  • Buying post on Ebay is cheaper!
  • Post prices usually go from 0-1kg, 1-2kg, 2-5kg, so buy light-weight items!
  • Branded clothes sell better than unbranded, and usually fetch higher prices!
  • Books can be hard to shift quickly, unless they’re collectables.
  • Check prices with barcodes using ebay’s free app on your phone-click Google play, search ‘ebay’, download. Press the camera icon near the search bar & scan.
  • Will it sell quickly? Type item in, then press ‘filter by’. Scroll down & press ‘see more’, click ‘sold’ to see dates of recent similar sales!
  • Ebay can ‘guess’ the cost to send an item, once details are filled in. Include cost in the selling price, then put ‘free postage’. Buyers love that!

5)  I need help!

  • Link to my own free ‘Ebay seller videos at the end of the first video!

P.S  Need something more long term than Ebay? Meet Stuart, a very successful  businessman  with a great lifestyle!

Pip x

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