Meet Jay, Stuart Ross’s Partner In Crime!

Hi there!

It’s time to introduce Jay!

Jay is the other co-founder of SFM, along with Stuart. He’s from Canada, he’s in his 40’s, and he started his online journey after watching his Dad on his hands and knees praying for rain so the crops on their farm would grow.

He decided he couldn’t live a life like that.

Don’t get me wrong, he could have carried on. He could have also said: “Well, I’m still alive so…let’s stay here. It’s not the best, but change is scary & I don’t know how.”

And if he had, a thousand other & myself would never have had the chance to change our lives too. You certainly wouldn’t be receiving these emails (which I hope you’re finding useful!)

WARNING: Jay’s opening approach in this video is a LITTLE  unconventional. But then again, he’s VERY successful, not online in terms of having free time, but also FINANCIALLY. 

So let me give you this video…

I hope you are getting a lot of value from my emails, and it’s making you think even more about what your life could be like.

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