Nearly Valentines Day! Gift Ideas!

Hey, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day!

Cute valentines bear

Looking what to get your loved one? Here are some (non-creepy) GREAT ideas (for him & her):

For Him(I apologise about the cheesy intro…) The first four are good if you had a high budget, but the last three are better if you’ve a smaller budget, like me!

…and for Her



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All the best,

Pip x

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    1. Thanks Marcus. I hope this is finding you well. I haven’t done blogs in a while, but I am a real person who’s been through alot in life. Any blogs that will help just let me know!

    2. By the way, I now do twice weekly free videos on a range of topics on my YouTube Channel, Pip Wheatley. Feel free to join me there! I have about 16 other subscribers at the moment, so my content must be helping!

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