New Year, New YOU!


January is the first gift of the year and a great chance to do something AWESOME with our lives!

So, you want to see if there is another way for you in 2020?

First,  let me offer you some free info. Let’s face it, you want to see if the opportunity I took is right for you.

Who Are YOU?


I’m Pip. I’m 26. And I’m changing my life.

Basically, on this website, I get to enjoy helping people for free (especially young adults) overcome issues and find out what they actually want to do with the one life they’ve been given.

Now I know that sounds simple, but if you’re anything over the age of 18, you’ll know the adult world can be  a tough place, especially is you’re short of money, time & confidence.

I have to be honest, I’ve never known what I wanted to do.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people, but there wasn’t an official title for that,

Sadly, as I’m finding in many others, I wasn’t really given the help or guidance I needed. Not at school, not at work…not in life.

So I’ve had alot of unhappiness, as well as good times. I’m now 26, and I’ve worked in several jobs. This is the sixth home I’ve lived in, I’ve passed through four schools, moved areas several times, and made and lost alot of friends and good people along the way.

26 isn’t young-so I want to help people avoid the frustrations, tears and pitfalls I’ve had, so they don’t have to waste their time like me. 



In 2018 I started my own online business with Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross-two amazing guys who wanted to get out of lives they didn’t enjoy,  and start really living.

Now, I’m on a journey with them, and thousands of others across the world.

I’m learning so much every day. I can’t tell you how much better I feel now there’s the chance of a real future for me-one I can actually enjoy!

Don’t believe me…this is Jaclyn Rorick’s video!

So, meet Stuart, who helped us both here!


I’m also on Facebook ( and I’ve also got some  vids on Youtube to help you live better too! 

I release a blog HERE every Sunday SO SIGN UP FOR FREE, and a video on my Youtube channnel every Thursday! 

Don’t forget too, you can always leave a comment below, or contact me via the contact page above.

I wish you the best of luck in creating a the life you truly deserve.

Pip x

Success-go get it!

2 Replies to “New Year, New YOU!”

  1. Great stuff, Pip. Nice to see you on video, feels like I know you a lot better compared to just reading a blog post!

    I’d be interested to hear more about your experience with The Six Figure Mentors. Please keep us updated on your progress within that program 🙂

    1. Thanks! My first comment!
      Its easier to put videos in blogs! Interesting to see how they’re viewed.
      I’ll probably keep everything updated on here (every Sunday), my Youtube channel ( every day) and my facebook & instagram account.

      BTW quit my job. 3 weeks left.

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