Time To Change For 2020?

Do YOU need a new start for 2020?

Let me encourage you to BE BOLD!


Gosh…how many things have changed this year?!  I wrote the blog below around this time last year but it just reminded me of how I felt and how much of a difference a year can make.

Here we go…

I’ve been feeling pretty tired at work. Maybe it’s the season, and the cold of Winter, but really I think it’s just me.

It’s difficult to describe how I feel. The truth is, I’ve outgrown my place of work, or rather, my job, and to be honest I just think it’s time for me to move on now.

At the minute, I’m waiting for my colleague to come back to work. He’s been off for two months now, which isn’t his fault, but there is only two in our team, and he’s one of them.

I’ve had enough.

Friends are there to support you

I know there are opportunities in my place of work, but I really don’t know what direction to take and when I asked for help it just didn’t come.

I can’t say I’m not disappointed. I can’t say it doesn’t feel bad when I sit at dinner with others and know I’m the only one in the room that the wider company doesn’t invest in. I can’t say I’m not sad, feeling I have to leave people behind again, but then again I am grateful that at least there is, out there, a future for me even though I don’t know exactly what it looks like yet.

So literally, I’ve just got to wait to the end of the month. And then the choice is mine.

A woman considering her life's path against the autumn leaves

Obviously, I’ve got to work out if my savings will carry me. I know I’m a real lucky person if they can.

In a way, I wish things had been different when I’d asked for help. But I’m not sorry for the direction life is taking me in and the choices I now have.

I could have invested with a company that doesn’t show interest in all it’s employees. Even though they say they do.

I’ve been told they will develop a progress pathway for my role. That was at least a year and a half ago. I’m pretty sure if they meant it they’d have done something by now.

Thank God I started an online business six months ago. Thank God they are developing me, because without that I probably quit by now anyway.

I’d have had no where to go. Would you?


I’d probably just have got a similar position, and be no further on in life. Let’s face it, replacing one thing with something similar is not exactly real change.

If you are seriously fed up like me, and are just at that point where you know there is so much more for you, I seriously recommend starting your own business.

Nobody knows what’s possible for you, or knows the limit on who you will become. If you want proof, just Google Richard Branson, or really any other successful person.

Richard Branson Quote

I’m extremely introverted. I don’t like to meet new people and I don’t live a wildly fascinating life. I haven’t been abroad much, sailed around the world, or climbed Kilimanjaro, and I’m not number one in my game.

That’s ok. With the guys who help me, you don’t need to be!

If nothing else, if you really are are feeling this way please, please don’t hem yourself in.

I really wouldn’t want anyone else to get to this point and feel like they have nowhere to go.

For me, this really can’t be it; there’s more to life. And it’s not a dress rehearsal.

A grave in autumn

Don’t leave it too long. Start now because setting things up properly takes time. Don’t leave it ’til the point when you’re ready to walk out the door.

Don’t pass the chance of a better life by. At least let us give you some  info in a free video series, so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

I watched, made a decision and it’s changing my life!

Earl Nightingale "Everything Starts With An Idea!"

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Again, here’s your chance. I truly wish you the very best of luck in creating the life you feel you deserve.

Pip x

Success-go get it!

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