What Kind Of Help Do I Get?


I remember when I started my journey with SFM in April 2018 I was full of scepticism. Is this real? Is this a scam? It sounds to good to be true…

You might also ask: Is what either Pip or Stuart are saying real? Is this really a genuine opportunity that they are talking about?

So, to know me better and trust me more, I decided to share a moment with you about the type of leadership and value you will get. I shot this video in April 2019…on a very windy day! You can watch this short video (with subtitles-just pres CC in the bottom right on the video screen!) by clicking on the image below.

The reason I started my Journey with SFM is that I don’t have any leverage in my work and I wanted more automation and more scalability, so more freedom.

I believe if you know me better,and you really believe that this is a genuine opportunity for you to change your life by building your profitable online business from scratch with the skills and mindset, you can learn with SFM.

But, you don’t need to believe me at all. If you’re ready you can check it out yourself by clicking the link below.

I’m ready to start creating the lifestyle of my dreams!

With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee in place, you can get started with absolutely zero risk.

Work Smart. Live More.

Pip x

PS: if you have any comment or questions on the video or this email please hit the reply button and let me know. I’d appreciate your thoughts!


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